Tony’s Quiet Time

Good evening to you all.

Oh yeah, it’s been tough at the warehouse today. The boss had teams of us running around for a package that hadn’t been delivered, and we had to find it.

We hunted high and low and after 5 hours of searching…we found it.

The boss opened it up and it was a blow-up doll. He wasn’t embarrassed about it at all… actually, it was quite the opposite.

He pulled it out the parcel and then moaned that it wasn’t the one he ordered. You see, he wanted a ‘Blonde Busty Doll’, and what they’d sent him was a ‘Granny Doll’, which was grey and wrinkly with a hunchback and smelly slippers.

The boss chucked Granny Doll in the skip and went home…and, well…I don’t think anyone else would’ve wanted it.

So, after a hard day at work, I’ve put my feet up…opened a bottle of red…and then I shoved my throbbing tool into Granny Doll’s mouth for all I was worth until I ruined her!

Have a wonderful evening.

By Tony

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