Rugby Coach headbutts boy for losing match

A rugby coach in New Zealand grabbed his son around the throat and later headbutted the 11-year-old boy because the man blamed the youngster for losing a match.

The man admitted to the attack in Alexandra District Court on Wednesday.

The court was told the man returned home drunk last month, verbally abused his son, grabbed him around the throat and later headbutted him.

The Otago Daily Times reported that the boy’s mother intervened and he was not injured but left “extremely frightened” by the incident.

“The boy’s team had lost its game and he blamed his son for the team losing,” Sergeant Ian Collision said.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll convicted the man of assault and remanded him on bail to reappear on September 23 for sentencing.

He said the pre-sentencing report was to include a drug and alcohol assessment.

Buford Balony says: Good to see Jake the Muss is still alive and well in NZ.

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