Spurs aren’t such a little club

Brilliant Spurs.

Brilliant Harry Redknapp.

But can we please put a stop to this idea that Tottenham are to the Champions League what Iceland is to World Cricket.

Yes, Spurs are an improved side…they are also an expensively assembled side. And they are up against some bloody good side who have bundles of money.

But please, we can’t keep referring to Spurs as ‘plucky minnows’…because they just aren’t.

by Terence Johns

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One Response to “Spurs aren’t such a little club”
  1. Buford Balony says:

    What are they then?They want to move from North London because they know they can’t compete with Arsenal,they are now taking legal action to try to move to the Olympic stadium which was awarded to West Ham & take their support.Maybe they are just CRY BABIES.Not plucky minnows just minnows further on the way down.

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