Bolt gets unscrewed by The Beast

The ‘fastest man in the world’, Usain Bolt, wasn’t the fastest man in Jamaica at the country’s Olympic trials. That honour went to Yohan Blake, who jumped out of the blocks fast and finished the 100m final in 9.75 seconds to upset world-record holder Usain Bolt by 0.11 seconds in the Jamaican Olympic trials. The … [Read the full story]

London weather could affect Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt can lower his 100m world record below 9.5 seconds, his coach has said, but London’s weather could foil his efforts. Glen Mills, who has coached Bolt since 2004, said that the reigning Olympic champion could reach 9.49 or lower and shatter his current world record of 9.58. “I don’t think it is impossible,” … [Read the full story]

Harpo had the biggest bra I’d ever seen!

Yeeeehaaaaaaa! How are ya? It’s me, Buford Balony. My ex-girlfriend, Harpo is comin’ to Australia very soon. Now the name Harpo might not sound like a feminine name, but let me tell ya, she was very, very feminine. She sure is a wonderful person. Hell, she used to work in the grocer shop in Nashville … [Read the full story]