The Smiths love Slow Moving Millie cover

Slow Moving Millie has revealed that members of The Smiths have been very positive about her cover of ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’, which is the soundtrack to a TV ad campaign this Christmas. The singer – real name Amelia Warner – revealed that Morrissey has said her version is “delightful”, while … [Read the full story]

Joey Barton trains alone

Joey Barton has evoked George Orwell, author of Animal Farm and 1984 as he delivered further commentary on his fallout with Newcastle United after the Barclays Premier League club forced him to train alone on Tuesday. Joey Barton was told on Monday that he could leave the Barclays Premier League team on a free transfer … [Read the full story]

Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s when he was President

Ronald Reagan’s son claims that his father was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease whilst he was Presdient. Ron Reagan said his dad looked “bewildered” during the 1984 presidential debates.