Raquel Welch is still hot at 70

She is often cast in the role of grandmother nowadays but Raquel Welch could still get away with playing parts cast to women half her age. The glamorous actress just turned 70, but you would never know it by looking at her! With hardly a line on her face, the stunning star added a bit … [Read the full story]

FBI pull Lennon’s fingerprints from auction

A complete set of John Lennon’s fingerprints has been pulled from auction after the FBI seized the document on the eve of the late Beatle’s 70th birthday celebrations. The fingerprint card, part of Lennon’s 1976 permanent U.S. citizenship application, had been expected to attract a minimum bid of $100,000 in an online auction at this … [Read the full story]

Crocodile Debt-ee

Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan says he’s paid too much tax in Australia and claims he’s the victim of a witch-hunt. “If I was a tax evader, which I’m not, then I must be the dumbest one in the world”, Hogan said yesterday. “I keep coming back here to the country, and instead of fleeing … [Read the full story]