Look at these tough Aussie women criminals

They were some of Australia’s shadiest sheilas. Murderers, bigamists, cocaine dealers and back street abortionists, all manner of vampish villain and fallen floozy scooped off the streets and photographed for police files. Their blank expressions hiding a catalogue of appalling crimes.  The incredible pictures – part of a collection of 2500 mugshots taken by New … [Read the full story]

New pill could promote promiscuity and STD’s

Women will soon be able to buy a morning-after pill that works for up to five days after sex…without having to see a GP. Any woman aged 18 or over will for the first time be able to buy the powerful medication – called EllaOne –from certain branches of the Co-operative Pharmacy. But campaigners say … [Read the full story]

Religious nuts think Oprah is the Antichrist?

The leader of an evangelical Christian group has sparked outrage after branding Oprah Winfrey ‘the Antichrist’. Mike Bickle, 55, who is head of the International House of Prayer (IHOP), made the controversial statement in a film which was released earlier this week by People for the American Way Right Wing Watch and aired on God … [Read the full story]