Model speaks out about abuse from Jewish husband

A mother of four has spoken out about her ordeal at the hands of an Orthodox Jewish community- saying she was trapped in an abusive arranged marriage for six years. Pearlperry Reich, 30, says she was pushed into an arranged marriage with Sinai Meir Sholz in her home of Borough Park in Brooklyn, New York … [Read the full story]

Is arguing good for a healthy marriage?

A new survey is sure to confirm just what many a married couple have long suspected. Arguing once a week can be the secret to strong, happy unions – provided the arguing isn’t of the abusive variety. Conducted in India, the study of married couples found that 44 per cent of pairs believe that fighting … [Read the full story]

Lucy Hawking fell into her own Black Hole

It was perhaps an unusual form of affirmation. But for Lucy Hawking, her father’s reaction as she read out part of a children’s novel over dinner at his Cambridge home was vital and thrilling. ‘I was reading a draft to him and he laughed so much he jumped out of his chair,’ she recalls. ‘Two … [Read the full story]