Aussie takes Poms to court for racism

An Australian community warden who claimed he was racially abused by colleagues who constantly greeted him with ‘G’day Sport’ is taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights. Geoff Stephens, who has been in the UK for 27 years after coming over from Australia when he was 22 years old, claimed he suffered … [Read the full story]

Posh Liz is amused by our ‘beaut’ accent

Liz Hurley who, despite all the odds, is still canoodling with cricket legend Shane Warne, says she loves being in Australia because the accent “amuses her”…(cheeky bitch). Funny that, because Liz’s super posh accent amuses me, bearing in mind she’s an ex-punk rocker. by Debbie Dot

Mickey Rourke’s gnashers are coming out for new movie

Hollywood star Mickey Rourke wants to get his teeth into his role as gay British rugby player Gareth Thomas. The award winning actor reckons removing the bridge holding his front teeth will help him sound Welsh. “It’s fine except I’ll have a lisp,” he said. “Still, that will help me tackle the tricky accent.” Mickey … [Read the full story]

Is it possible for an Australian to turn into a Pom?

We come from a land where we are renowned for our laid-back attitude. And, losing the Ashes has given the Poms an excuse to give us some stick…but it’s no more than we’ve been doing to them since year dot. But it seems Geoff Stephens, who lives and works in Britain, doesn’t take after his … [Read the full story]