Who REALLY wrote the Bible?

Many of the most asked questions about The Bible have been researched by the most learned theologians in the centuries from BC up until today. I  started to compile a list of the most obvious questions but quickly became side tracked by the beliefs of the various differing religions. For example, who was John the … [Read the full story]

A dog in a blender?

A TV ad, showing a toy dog in a blender for an Aussie Radio Station has been pulled after viewers thought that the dog was real. Come on Aussie’s…we wouldn’t have been angry if it was a Roo…or would we…?

Megan Fox poses for Armani

MEGAN FOX is a sight to brighten any bell boy’s day. Hollywood’s finest leading lady opens the door to room service clad in only a gown and her undies in a naughty new Armani ad. After instructing the dumbfounded servant to place her order by the window, Megan shuts them in her hotel room before … [Read the full story]