Rihanna is way sexier than a super-model

Rihanna looked amazing as she performed on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk but it looks like she had some model envy. The singer couldn’t resist showing off her own model credentials after performing in New York. Rihanna, 24, removed her clothes and took off her bra as she kicked back in her dressing room and posed … [Read the full story]

Adriana Lima shines in Super Bowl commercials

With NBC charging around $3.5million for a 30 second advert, it’s not surprising brands wanted to make their commercials stand out during the Super Bowl. And what better way to seduce the eyes of close to a hundred million viewers around the globe than by using Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima getting ready for a … [Read the full story]

Adriana gets us ready for summer

You can tell that summer is in the air, all magazines are shedding their clothes and turning a hopeful eye towards the beach as the summer is looming over us. We love the stunning Adriana Lima, which is why we just have to show a lovely picture of her. Yes, I know, it’s absolutely shameless … [Read the full story]

Just bootiful

ADRIANA LIMA has just done a photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret. She was posing in all sorts of boots. The Brazilian underware model is reasonably covered up, as she’s usually modelling underware. Quite amazing that…an underware model that models underware. But who cares. She’d look good kitted out the Antarctic, to be quite honest. Adriana … [Read the full story]