Adult breastfeeding new trend for China’s rich

Human breast milk is the latest delicacy amongst China’s wealthy, with a growing number of companies offering wet nurses for adults. Xinxinyu, a domestic staff agency in Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, allows adult clients to drink directly through breastfeeding or via a breast pump ‘if they feel embarrassed’. Wet nurses for adults are paid four … [Read the full story]

Melbourne adult party at childrens play centre

Parents have been left horrified after learning their local play centre in Melbourne’s southeast was being advertised as a venue for an out-of-hours swingers’ club. An online advertisement for the party invites like-minded ‘sexy’ young couples to enjoy a gathering at the venue in Cranbourne on Saturday, June 29. The advert promotes children’s play equipment, … [Read the full story]

Ever heard of fetish photographer, Elmer Batters?

Elmer Batters spent a lifetime looking through a view finder at women’s legs and feet. Schooled on the classic Elvgren pin-up art of World War II,Elmer began photographing live models in the late 1940’s in sunny Los Angeles, California. Unlike his peers, Batters wasn’t breast obsessed. His vision began at the “tip of the toes”, … [Read the full story]

Gay marriage may be bad for future eventualities

I was intrigued by the news this week when the view was introduced, that Gay marriage spelled disaster for Australia. In 1962 the gay population was generally a small percentage of the adult voting minority. Now fifty years later the percentage increase is enormous. If the increase in growth was to be sustained, we could … [Read the full story]

Porn stars – then and now

Did you ever wonder what those porn stars would look like years later…you know…the ones that you never got tired of masturbating over? Well now you can see what they look like today. They were all hot, but they just got old…like we all do. And it doesn’t matter how much botox or plastic surgery … [Read the full story]

Masturbation isn’t illegal…just don’t use your gun

When I see a topless women, I’m probably more inclined to call my friends rather than the police. But a tip from a caller at a hotel parking lot in Naperville, Ill., led the cops to a woman who was sitting in a van naked from the waist up. The topless woman, 44-year-old Vicki Myers, … [Read the full story]