Is Heineken interactive ad as good as their beer?

Sponsored by Heineken This is not your normal beer advert…actually, it’s not your normal advert period. Is the new Skyfall interactive advert as good as Heineken’s beer? Vidéo virale par ebuzzing Usually, I would steer clear of any interactive internet based application. I see kids and adults with their heads tilted downwards towards their iPhone, … [Read the full story]

‘Biggest match fixers’ are the Aussies

A cricket agent accused of taking bribes to fix Pakistani matches has sensationally claimed Australian players were also in on betting scams. Mazhar Majeed, 36, told an undercover reporter that the Australians were “the biggest” when it came to rigging games, a court heard. He claimed match fixing had been going on “for centuries” and … [Read the full story]