Man puts Starfighter jet on his roof

German businessman Hartmut Rehorsch has spent more than $150,000 buying and decommissioning a German air force F-104 Starfighter jet to put on the roof of his factory. It sits proudly on top of his welding equipment company in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart, Germany.  He spent 800 man-hours getting the four-ton plane ready before carefully … [Read the full story]

North Korea attacks South Korea

North Korea has fired over 50 artillery shells onto a South Korean island, killing one person. This set off an exchange of fire between the two countries. South Korea’s governement occupied an underground war room and air force jets were reported to have scouted the area around the Yellow Sea Island. North Korea failed to … [Read the full story]

‘All in it together’ – Rememberance Day

I was alive and lived through the World War 2 and we have to remember just how much Australia gave of itself during two wars, when war was declared and the free world joined together to fight for survival. Who do you think was first to back up the Motherland? Not wait for months or … [Read the full story]