Body parts from the dead are used for street signs

Metal body parts from the dead are being recycled into road signs, car parts and aircraft engines. Steel hips, plates and screws used in legs and skulls are collected after cremation and sold on – with money raised going to charity. Even metal plates from false teeth and old fillings are recovered and re-used, together … [Read the full story]

Pilot killed as jet ejector seat goes off

A Red Arrows pilot killed after being ejected from his aircraft had dreamed of flying RAF fast jets since childhood, his family said. Iraq War veteran Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham, 34, died in the incident on the runway at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire, UK. The RAF has suspended all non-essential flying on all aircraft with … [Read the full story]

Industrial action to ground more Qantas flights

Another 20,000 airline seats will be ripped out of Qantas schedules from next week as more planes are grounded by licensed engineers’ ongoing industrial action. A total of seven Qantas aircraft will be out of action from Monday, forcing the cancellation of almost 500 flights over the next month, the Courier-Mail reported. As many as … [Read the full story]

On this day…in 1940

On this day, German aircraft blanket incendiary bombs over London, setting both banks of the Thames ablaze and killing almost 3,600 British civilians. The German targeting of the English capital had begun back in August, payback for British attacks on Berlin. In September, a horrendous firestorm broke out in London’s poorest districts as German aircraft … [Read the full story]