Rihanna is way sexier than a super-model

Rihanna looked amazing as she performed on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk but it looks like she had some model envy. The singer couldn’t resist showing off her own model credentials after performing in New York. Rihanna, 24, removed her clothes and took off her bra as she kicked back in her dressing room and posed … [Read the full story]

Supermodel Allessandra Ambrosio is sooo ugly

Well, of course, it’s a lie…Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is absolutely gorgrous and apparently, through the celeb grapevine, she’s actually a nice peron, too. Makes you sick, doesn’t it. Well, she’s recently jetted off for a Spring break back to her native Brazil. The 30-year-old beauty basked in the hot sun poolside at a hotel … [Read the full story]