The winner to the ‘Classic One-Liner’ quiz

Well, this little competition took a while to get going…but after a while, we were getting a lot of entries, so the competition was left open a little longer. First, we’ll give you the answers, and after, the winner and their result. 1. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. – JAWS 2. She places the … [Read the full story]

Do aliens listen to our broadcasts?

Since the invention of radio more than a century ago, man has been broadcasting into space in the hope that any listening aliens could learn of our presence. Yet, despite waves travelling a distance of 200 light years in all directions, they still have 118,800 light years to go until the entire Milky Way has … [Read the full story]

Aliens turned husband into a fish finger

A woman from South Australia claims that her husband has been turned into a fish finger by aliens. Last week, Diane Ravensbury from the northern suburbs of Adelaide, aged 61, claimed that a spaceship came down and took her husband away. Diane didn’t want us to reveal the location of where she lived. About twenty … [Read the full story]