Dear Woosy – Allergic to my boyfriends nuts

Dear Woosy, I have a regular root named Matt who likes to get a hotel room on the weekends so he can bang my brains out. He doesn’t even take me out for a meal first, the stingy bastard, but his cock stays so hard for so long I can’t really complain too much. Anyway last Saturday he ate a whole bag of pistachio … [Read the full story]

Poisonous caterpillars strike in South London

More than 30 people needed medical care for rashes after an infestation of poisonous caterpillars. Victims were hit by the Brown Tail Moth caterpillars which are covered in hairs that can cause severe allergic reactions and in some cases, temporary blindess. The infestations in Croydon, South London, has been blamed on the unseasonably warm weather. Those … [Read the full story]

The Dandy Highwayman rides again

With his outlandish dress sense, striking make-up and eccentric music, Adam Ant became one of the greatest stars of the 80’s. But decades of mental health problems…being sectioned twice and battling depression…took their toll and he seemed to disappear into musical oblivion. Now, however, the singer say’s he put his demons behind him, and he’s … [Read the full story]