Alzheimer’s sufferer found with maggots in her ear

The family of an elderly woman whose ear was infested with almost 60 maggots is suing her nursing home for negligence and emotional distress. Catherine McCann, 92, from Chicago, has severe Alzheimer’s and because she is unable to speak or care for herself, her husband pays $10,000-a-month for her to live in a skilled nursing … [Read the full story]

New blood will keep us young looking

It might sound like something from Dracula, but old brains have been made sprightly again thanks to young blood. Giving ageing mice blood from much younger animals rejuvenated connections between brain cells and improved memory, experiments have shown. The treatment is so effective that 18-month-old animals did as well in memory tests as those of … [Read the full story]

Is Alzheimer’s contagious?

Alzheimer’s could in some cases be caused by an infection and the disease could even be contagious, scientists have claimed. This computer graphic compares an Alzheimer’s brain (left) with a healthy brain. It is shrunken due to the degeneration and death of nerve cells The damage to the brain caused by the neurological condition is … [Read the full story]

“Just one more thing”…Columbo leaves over $5m

Columbo star Peter Falk left more than $5 million in his will when he died last month, it’s been revealed. The bulk of his money went to his widow Shera, who he had been married to for 33 years. She was at his bedside in their Beverly Hills mansion when he died from Alzheimer’s disease. … [Read the full story]

You Know You are Getting Old When…..

There are a number of signs or clues to look for that may warn you that you are getting old. I have drawn up a list that I feel may help anyone with any doubts to identify for certain that they are finally “over the hill” and perhaps accept the fact that old age has … [Read the full story]

Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s when he was President

Ronald Reagan’s son claims that his father was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease whilst he was Presdient. Ron Reagan said his dad looked “bewildered” during the 1984 presidential debates.