Man goes to hospital, wakes up with no penis

An Alabama man has filed a lawsuit in which he claims he went for a circumcision and woke up to find his penis had been removed. Johnny Lee Banks Jnr claims he went in for a routine circumcision at Princeton Baptist Medical Center and his penis was mistakenly amputated by surgeons. The lawsuit, which Banks … [Read the full story]

My leg was cut off… but now it’s growing back

A woman who had one of her five stone legs amputated was horrified when it began to grow back at great speed. Mandy Sellars, of Accrington, Lancashire, UK, suffers from a rare condition in which she has gigantic feet and legs but a slim, size 12 body. The 36-year-old was told by doctors that her … [Read the full story]

‘Doctor took off my penis without asking’

American truck driver Phillip Seaton is suing a Kentucky surgeon after the medic amputated his penis without permission. Mr Seaton, 64, had agreed to have an operation in 2007, but was only scheduled to have a circumcision to relieve inflammation to the organ. However, once underway, Dr John Patterson said he found a rare and … [Read the full story]

Zsa-Zsa ‘leg No-more’

LEGENDARY Hollywood actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is set to have part of a leg amputated. She was hospitalised on Sunday to undergo surgery because gangrene was setting in on her right leg. Doctors examined a lesion on the 93-year-old’s leg that had grown to a foot in length and had got infected, her publicist John … [Read the full story]

Armless pianist wins China’s Got Talent

A piano player who has no arms and plays the instrument with his toes has won the nationally televised China’s Got Talent competition. Liu Wei, who lost his arms in an accident at the age of 10, won the contest with his performance of You’re Beautiful, originally by James Blunt. He told the judges: “At … [Read the full story]

Police found a bone that could be Zahra Baker’s

NORTH Carolina police have found a bone they believe could be missing Australian girl Zahra Baker’s while her US stepmother has allegedly confessed in a jailhouse letter that something “horrifying” happened to the 10-year-old. The bone discovery came as US authorities revisited bushland and drained a pond where Zahra’s prosthetic leg was discovered a week … [Read the full story]