On this day…in 2004

Perhaps the most attention-grabbing, trailblazing performer in film in 2003 did not receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor–but he was honored nonetheless. The eerily lifelike quality of Gollum, the computer-generated (CG) creature who simpered and schemed his way through The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, remained one of the most awe-inspiring aspects … [Read the full story]

Will Andy Serkis turn into Gollum one day?

Andy Serkis won widespread acclaim for his portrayal of the character in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy said he was thrilled to be taking on the role again. He said, “Gollum had been such an important role for me, and he never really went away…I’ve been constantly reminded of him as a character practically … [Read the full story]

Andy Serkis’ impression of pet cat is Gollum

Andy Serkis has come forward and said that he’s based his portrayal of Gollum on his cat. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ actor, who is set to reprise the role of the ring-obsessed creature in fantasy prequel ‘The Hobbit’, immerses himself in his characters for months in order to make the portrayal accurate, so spent … [Read the full story]