How Animals Eat Their Food

Your last chance to save Earth as we know it

An international consortium of more than 8,000 scientists have called for urgent help to save Earth’s 100 most threatened animals, plants and fungi. While Nature has always operated by survival of the fittest, humanity’s increasing need for space is adding to the stresses on the natural kingdom. The report blamed a loss of habitat, caused … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

“All animals like bread”

McDonald’s are bringing back McFibs

Do you really want to eat at McDonald’s? McRibs are coming back on McDonald’s menus…and, for a limited time only, the pork and barbecue sauce sandwich promises ‘sweet, saucy temptation’ and a ‘fantastically flavourful’ ‘dream’ of a meal. But the dreams end there, according to the Humane Society of the U.S., which has condemned the … [Read the full story]

Was it vandals or modern druids that slaughtered innocent ducks

Twisted vandals are believed to have used a cricket bat to slaughter dozens of ducks. They also killed a chicken and injured other birds in the sick attack on allotments. Sheds and gardening gear were damaged too during the spree and one building was set alight. Plot holders found their slaughtered animals yesterday in Salisbury, … [Read the full story]

Dogs are smarter than cats

DOG owners, this will confirm what you always thought. And cat owners, prepare to extend your claws, scientists at Oxford University claim canines are smarter than felines. And the reason, according to the researchers, is that dogs are more social animals and therefore have bigger brains than the more solitary-inclined cats. The study, published in … [Read the full story]