On this day…in 1564

Shakespeare was born on this day in 1564, and on the same day he died in 1616. Although the plays of William Shakespeare may be the most widely read works in the English language, little is known for certain about the playwright himself. Some scholars even believe the plays were not written by William Shakespeare … [Read the full story]

Speilberg is set for Golden Globe with Lincoln

Steven Spielberg is the frontrunner for next year’s Golden Globes Awards after receiving seven nominations for Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field are shortlisted for acting prizes for their performances as President Abraham Lincoln and First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, while Spielberg is up for Best Director and the film itself is nominated for … [Read the full story]

Keira Knightley and Robert Pattinson team up in new movie

Keira Knightley will cosy up to Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson in her new movie. She won the role in futuristic thriller Cosmopolis after being described as “brilliant” by the film’s director David Cronenberg. “She’s as goos as anyone I’ve worked with,” he said after Keira appeared in his movie A Dangerous Method. Keira has just … [Read the full story]