Morrissey hints Royals to blame for nurses death

Morrissey yesterday hinted the Duchess of Cambridge was to Blame for the suicide of hoax phone call nurse Jacintha Saldanha. In a vile rant, the ex-Smiths frontman also accused the Royal Family of “staggering” arrogance over the tragedy. And he questioned if Kate, 30, was really suffering from pregnancy sickness at all. Morrissey, 53, told … [Read the full story]

Liz and Posh DO have eating disorders

A thirtysomething lawyer, Anne, comes home from her job in an office. Once or twice a week, she drops into Coles, where she buys two pizzas, biscuits, ice cream and more…a bulging bag of delights. She arrives at her empty flat, pulls the curtains, puts on the TV and spends the evening eating it all, … [Read the full story]

Fat children become fat adults

 Already we know that ‘puppy fat’ is a myth; fat children don’t ‘grow out of it’. Fat children become fat adults. Children get too clever by half, too, snaffling their booty behind parents’ backs and stifling their giggles when asked who ate all the pies. Often, parents don’t notice their children are heading for a … [Read the full story]