Is arguing good for a healthy marriage?

A new survey is sure to confirm just what many a married couple have long suspected. Arguing once a week can be the secret to strong, happy unions – provided the arguing isn’t of the abusive variety. Conducted in India, the study of married couples found that 44 per cent of pairs believe that fighting … [Read the full story]

Nicolas Cage arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse

Hollywood star Nicolas Cage was behind bars after being arrested for domestic abuse. The 47 year old was arrested when he reportedly dared cops to arrest him after arguing with his third wife Alice Kim. Police were said to have been alerted to the alleged bust up in the early hours by a taxi driver. … [Read the full story]

The myth and reality about relationships

Certain ‘truisms’ about relationships are still kicking around. But what’s actually true and what has been proved as rubbish. Myth: You should forgive and forget Reality: By all means forget…but not straight away. Research shows if you forgive too quickly, your partner has no motivation to stop doing whatever it was they did. Myth: Arguing … [Read the full story]