It’s healthy not to argue

Feeling a bit under the weather? Then DON’T pick a fight with your other half. A thirty minute argument can slow your body’s ability to heal by at least a day, say US scientists. If you argue non-stop, the healing time can be doubled.

Technical musicans are fucking clueless

It’s just a long, long argument that goes on, and will go on until the dawn of time. This argument will go on because music is down to what one likes…what one gets. Basically, some music is great because you get it, some music is great because you’re brain-washed and some music is great because … [Read the full story]

College student poisons room-mate with bleach

A college student in Michigan, United States, put bleach in her roommate’s ice tea after an argument about dirty dishes. Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, 19, could face up to 15 years in prison after her clearly aggrieved co-inhabitor, Emily Joseph, 20, took the matter up with police. Fortunately, Ms Joseph is fine…nothing a trip to the … [Read the full story]

Cold soup argument leaves husband stranded

A Russian man found himself stranded in the middle of a forest in sub-zero conditions for over a month after storming out of the house following an argument with his wife over her cooking. Yuri Ticuic must have wished he hadn’t bothered bringing it up at all after complaining to his wife after she served … [Read the full story]

Gallaghers legal battle is on…over fuck all

The legal fight between Noel Gallagher and brother Liam is back on. Liam filed a lawsuit earlier this summer after his brother said in a press conference that he had pulled out of a headline performance at V Festival in 2009 due to a hangover, and that the band’s split was in part down to … [Read the full story]

Natalie Wood case re-opened after 30 years

The former husband of Natalie Wood has admitted he blamed himself for the actress’s death for years after she drowned off the California coast. In his autobiography, Robert Wagner recounted the final time he saw his wife – and how he felt he felt guilty he did nothing to save her. ‘Yes, I blamed myself,’ … [Read the full story]

Ablett reveals the tension between him and Mark Thompson

Gary Ablett has lifted the lid on the strained relationship with former Geelong coach Mark Thompson, revealing the pair barely spoke after an argument over his future in April. Ablett, incensed because he believes Thompson used his name “to take the focus of himself” during an Essendon media conference this week, said the flashpoint came … [Read the full story]

Anger management student stabbed

A girl of 19 stabbed a classmate in the arm and shoulder during an argument at an Anger Management course in Seattle in the USA. The Anger Management teacher said, “Some students in Anger Management need more management than others”. Well of course they do…that’s why they’re in your bloody course, dick-head.

Drunk man drove off with wife on top of car

A man was arrested after his wife was seriously injured when he drove off with her on top of the car, Suffolk police, in the east of England said. Diamond Mircea, 29, of drove away with his wife on the hood of his car following a domestic dispute, police said. Mircea had an argument with … [Read the full story]

Man killed by folding sofa

A RUSSIAN woman in St Petersburg killed her drunk husband with a folding sofa, it was reported yesterday. St Petersburg’s Channel Five television station said that the woman, who was upset with her husband for being drunk and refusing to get up, kicked a handle on the sofa after an argument. In doing so, she … [Read the full story]