Megan Fox loves laughing at herself in new film

Megan Fox spent years building up her image as an ice-cold sex goddess, but  now finally has the chance to laugh at herself — and she couldn’t be more relieved. In Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy film the beauty plays a stuck-up hooker who gets into a huff when she is paid with rubies rather than … [Read the full story]

Are you sick of talentless Victoria Beckham and her brand?

Fashion queen Victoria Beckham is planning to launch her own online store. Posh who is preggers with her and David’s fourth child, is finalising plans for the website to flog her fancy-wear…which includes a  handbag that costs $16,000. The move will see her competing with major fashion players like Armani…and her status and profits shoot … [Read the full story]

Is Megan Fox too skinny?

Megan Fox is seen by a lot of people to be the most beautiful woman in the world but new images of her have left fans wondering if she has become too skinny. The actress stripped down to her underwear to advertise Emporio Armani’s lingerie and in one pose she hunches over to show a concave stomach and … [Read the full story]

Megan Fox poses for Armani

MEGAN FOX is a sight to brighten any bell boy’s day. Hollywood’s finest leading lady opens the door to room service clad in only a gown and her undies in a naughty new Armani ad. After instructing the dumbfounded servant to place her order by the window, Megan shuts them in her hotel room before … [Read the full story]