Women get overwhelmed by having an orgasm

The brain’s reward circuits and rational thought processes are overwhelmed with electrical activity when a woman reaches sexual climax. In the first film of what goes on inside a woman’s brain as she approaches and then experiences orgasm, researchers recorded how sexual arousal generates a cascade of events that, at its peak, involves 30 parts … [Read the full story]

Topless hairdressers aim to please the client

Hairdressers have gone topless, and set up shop in Brisbane’s CBD, with customers travelling from as far as Townsville to get their locks lopped. Barber Babes operate out of The Grosvenor on George and involve a topless female barber cutting their hair wearing only hot pants or underwear. The scantily-clad barbers also offer scalp massages, … [Read the full story]

This woman has 500 orgasms a day!

For most people, doing the weekly shopping or vacuuming the house are simply dull chores. But they get Zara Richardson so aroused she ORGASMS. Cleaner Zara, 30, has a disorder called Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), which means she can have up to 500 orgasms a day.   She says: “People think I must be … [Read the full story]