Is Australia a creative place on earth?

Life and career of famous Australian artists. There were many famous Australian artists from the 1900’s that drew in many different styles. One group that influenced Australian Art were the Angry Penguins. They were a group of painters that established the modernist movement in Melbourne Australia. The group challenged tradition and sought to modernize the … [Read the full story]

Pete Townsend says Apple is a digital vampire

Music legend Pete Townshend laid into computer giant Apple, describing its music service iTunes as a ‘digital vampire’, as he called for greater support and financial rewards for artists from online firms. In a keynote speech, The Who’s guitarist claimed the internet was ‘destroying copyright’, and said writers and musicians should expect to be paid … [Read the full story]

Add Big Audio Dynamite to ‘reformed bands’ list

When Big Audio Dynamite played recently in Manchester, England, it was more than a nostalgic trip down memory lane…it was a history in musical innovation. It’s a long way from Australia to Pommieland, but I just had to make this trip to see B.A.D. I hoped it would be worth it…and it was. Although the … [Read the full story]

Davo’s quote of the day

‘Why buy Christmas cards? What’s the point in giving less than average artists a Christmas bonus’