Man gets toilet roll holder stuck up his ass

A man was forced to call the emergency services after a toilet roll holder got stuck up his poop chute at his house in Newport, South Wales, UK. The unidentified man was reportedly unable to move and decided to dial 999 from his mobile phone. Firemen then removed the object, with paramedics providing medical attention … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Who is this you might ask ! Well, as you know, we go for hot chicks because…this section is called She’s Hot. Today we have a beauty…and, as usual, we don’t know who she is, but we’re sure one of you will let us know. Is that ass just begging to be spanked? Anyway, She’s … [Read the full story]

This fat fuck eats too much – she’s killing herslf

Mum of four, Mikel Ruffinelli has hips so big that she struggles to get through doorways…and needs two seats on planes. Mikel, 39, drives a truck as her 30st frame cannot squeeze into a car and needs a reinforced chair at home. Yet the plus-size model…a trim 10st as a teenager…is proud of her figure … [Read the full story]

Man sticks milk bottle up his ass ‘to relieve constipation’

Doctors have released an x-ray image showing a milk bottle lodged inside an elderly man’s pelvis. The unnamed 60-year-old got himself into a spin when he slid the bottle too far up his rear-end and couldn’t remove it. Distressed at the situation he immediately presented himself to a hospital in Zhuai, China, where he told … [Read the full story]

A Scotsman, Chinaman, Pom and an Aussie were in a pub…

A Scottsman, a Chinaman, a Pom and an Aussie were in the pub debating whose country was the best. The Scottsman reckoned his was the best, because we got the greenest grass. The Pom reckoned his was the best because they had the most beautiful flag. The Chinaman reckoned his was the best because of … [Read the full story]