Seven asylum seekers die on way to Australia

Shock after a boat filled with asylum seekers capsized on its way from Indonesia, killing at least seven people. Some 57 people, thought to be from Iran and Afghanistan, were rescued but many others are still missing. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said he expected no more survivors. The tragedy has reopened the long-running debate in … [Read the full story]

“We are at real risk… of seeing more boats”

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has warned that the failure to secure a refugee swap deal with Malaysia risked more asylum-seekers gambling with their lives on unauthorised boat journeys. Gillard was forced to abandon her controversial plan to send up to 800 boatpeople to the Southeast Asian country in exchange for 4,000 of its refugees on … [Read the full story]

Asylum seekers battle it out in game show

A new game show in the Netherlands reportedly pits failed asylum seekers against each other as they compete for cash to take with them after deportation. Weg van Nederland sees asylum claimants who have been refused entry to the Netherlands answer questions about Dutch culture in a bid to win prize money equivalent to £3,500. … [Read the full story]

Who cares if asylum seekers go on hunger strike

That’s right. Who cares if asylum seekers go on a hunger strike…do you? Do you, really? Well, I can quite honestly say that I couldn’t give a rats arse if they go on a hunger strike, or if they don’t. There are about 160 asylum seekers going on a hunger strike in Sydney because an … [Read the full story]

Oiy, Prime Minister…do you know, or even like Australians?

HUNDREDS of concerned residents of the West Australian town of Northam could be locked out of a town hall meeting to discuss its planned detention centre. Many residents of Northam, about 100km east of Perth, are angered by the decision of the federal government to establish a detention centre in their town without any consultation. … [Read the full story]

East Timor will get Immigration help

Setting up a regional refugee processing centre at East Timor will take time, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said. Australia’s existing immigration centres, including the Christmas Island facility, are reportedly beyond capacity. Prime Minister Julia Gillard promised before the election that Australia would seek to have a regional centre built at East Timor to house the … [Read the full story]