On this day…in 1943

At a time when classical music received nearly as much coverage as professional sports in the popular press, it was major news indeed when an unknown 25-year-old led the nation’s most important symphony orchestra in a Carnegie Hall concert broadcast live to a radio audience in the millions.  For The New York Times, it was … [Read the full story]

Live vasectomies planned in Adelaide

Men are being sought who are brave enough to “get the snip” in front of a live audience. Organisers hope a number of public vasectomies can be performed in Adelaide later in the year. The surgeon involved and academics will take questions from the audience during the procedure. The Royal Institution of Australia’s Lisa Bailey … [Read the full story]

Kylie still loves the hotpants

Kylie Minogue must have more hotpants than the Brazilian beach volleyball team. The singer dug out another pair of shorts for her gig at the Palace Theatre in Melbourne this week. Our Aussie treasure wowed the audience as only Kylie knows how. The only problem with the shorts…they’re not the best pair for carrying loose change. by … [Read the full story]

Billy Connolly walks off stage because of heckling

He was recently hailed as the most influential comedian of all time. However, it appears Billy Connolly, 69, is not always at one with his audiences. It has emerged that the comedian…known as Big Yin…has ended his shows prematurely twice in just eight days as a result of heckling during his current tour. Connolly left … [Read the full story]

A real heart-stopper

A lecturer interrupted his talk on coronary disease…to save a man in the audience from a heart-attack in Maine, USA.

American teenager wins Miss World 2010

American teenager, Alexandra Mills has won the Miss World 2010 in Southern China. Mills, a blonde, blue-eyed 19 yearold from Kentucky, was openly emotional and tears were plentiful when Kaiane Aldorino, placed the tiara on her head. Kaiane, Miss Gibraltar and last years Miss World, then led Mills to her diamond shaped throne as she … [Read the full story]