Mental illness in women

Regardless of age, gender or race, mental disorders can affect anyone. There are millions who suffer from mental illness, but women are more likely to suffer from some particular mental illnesses. And figures in Australia show that women suffered double the amount of men from menatl illness last year. Biological factors do play a part … [Read the full story]

Plastic surgeon gave teenage daughter bigger tits

A plastic surgeon has told how he gave his own daughter a breast augmentation when she was just a teenager. In an upcoming television special, Dr Michael Niccole, from Newport Beach, California, reveals how he gave Brittani, now 23, breast implants at 18. In addition to increasing her chest size from an A-cup to a … [Read the full story]

Breast implants are on the rise

BOOB jobs are getting more popular in Australia. Two thirds of vanity surgery is now to change the size of a girl’s assets. The average boob job costs around $7,000, and the most requested size is 34D. Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery, with fat-busting liposuction the second most popular op, then eye … [Read the full story]