Bullies – gutless authorities are to blame

Education is the most important driving force in our civilisation. From the classical Greeks who used schools and teaching to improve the understanding of modern man. Through history, it was the Victorians who made it possible for the ordinary children to attend schools. In the past only  the rich and religious could read and write. … [Read the full story]

Not many protest against Roma gypsies in France

Thousands of people have protested in cities across France against a government law and order crackdown that has targeted Romanian gypsies. In Paris, leaders of leftist opposition parties marched on Saturday alongside Roma migrants whose camp had been bulldozed by the authorities. Police said the demonstration gathered 12,000 people, the organisers put the figure at … [Read the full story]

Crocodile Debt-ee

Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan says he’s paid too much tax in Australia and claims he’s the victim of a witch-hunt. “If I was a tax evader, which I’m not, then I must be the dumbest one in the world”, Hogan said yesterday. “I keep coming back here to the country, and instead of fleeing … [Read the full story]