Clitoris Awareness Week gets underway

Hot on the heels of this months Wank-A-Thon comes Clitoraid! Mention the word “clitoris” and some people get touchy — and not in a good way. But that could change quickly because yesterday kicked off the first ever “International Clitoris Awareness Week,” a seven-day period designed to celebrate the female body part. The organization behind … [Read the full story]

On this day…in 1970

Earth Day, an event to increase public awareness of the world’s environmental problems, is celebrated for the first time. Millions of Americans, including students from thousands of colleges and universities, participated in rallies, marches, and educational programs. Earth Day was the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, a staunch environmentalist who hoped to provide … [Read the full story]

The brave women of The SCAR Project

On a winter’s day at a gallery in New York’s SoHo, a small group of votive candles burned near to a visitor’s book. Page after page of heartfelt messages – moving, emotional and raw – filled the book’s pages, their strong words not dulled by the candles’ soft light. Nearby, were larger-than-real-life photos along the … [Read the full story]

Animal smokers

Scientists have been warned that their latest experiments may accidentally produce monkeys with brains more human than animal. In cutting-edge experiments, scientists have injected human brain cells into monkey fœtuses to study the effects. Critics argue that if these fœtuses are allowed to develop into self-aware subjects, science will be thrown into an ethical nightmare. … [Read the full story]

Operation Unite to tackle boozy Australia

Australia’s boozy culture is the reason for most street crime, the NSW Police Commissioner said. Police launched Operation Unite on Friday night as part of a nationwide crackdown on alcohol abuse and violence-only to encounter a horror weekend. Despite thousands of extra officers being deployed in known trouble spot on Friday and Saturday nights, a … [Read the full story]

It’s GI Jonny and Captain Bareback

An HIV awareness video from the was branded ‘disgusting’ and ‘degrading’ by parent and media groups. The video – starring GI Jonny and Captain Bareback – is animated with action hero figures and features explicit references to unusual sexual practices along with the need for safe sex. The row over the contents of the video … [Read the full story]