Aussie women used as guinea-pigs for Thalidomide

Pregnant Australian women were used in world-first trials of the notorious morning sickness pill thalidomide before it was tested on animals, it’s been reported. Documents from thalidomide distributor Distillers Company (Biochemicals) show Australian women were used in trials of its drug Distaval in 1960. Trials took place on pregnant women at Sydney’s Crown Street Women’s … [Read the full story]

The Danish HAVE to name their children from a government list

Did you know in Denmark, all Danish parents can only name their children from a pre-approved government list of 3000 names for boys and 4000 names for girls. In Denmark, a country that embraces rules with the same gusto that Italy defies them, choosing a first and last name for a child is a serious, … [Read the full story]

Mummy memoirs suck

Book shelves are groaning with them. I’m no snob and I love a flick through a voyeuristic gossip mag, but do I really need to be given a guided tour around a celeb’s (or celeb’s wife) womb and nursery every time there’s a baby on the way? Becoming a mum IS amazing, but it’s not … [Read the full story]

Paris Hilton predicts the future

Paris Hilton says she wants to celebrate turning 30 by getting married and having babies. Strangely enough, this time last year Paris said she wanted to marry Doug Reinhardt, but they split soon after. So mankind might yet be saved, and current boyfriend, Las Vegas nightclub mogul Cy Waits, might be off the hook. by … [Read the full story]

I sleep naked

Call it being sexually hopeful mixed with trying to be comfortable and add a dash of hating to wear clothes. You’ve got a 35 year old with back-hair his wife won’t shave for him who occasionally gets sweaty-arse syndrome when he’s nervous sleeping like a neurotic bear. I remember in college when my roommate used … [Read the full story]