Neil Young ‘angry’ with 21st century music

Neil Young has hit out at the sound quality of 21st century recorded music, revealing that listening to it makes him “angry”. The Canadian singer songwriter, who released his 33rd studio album ‘Le Noise’ in 2010, has said that the sound quality of music is the “worst sound we’ve ever had”. He said: “I’m finding … [Read the full story]

Oh no…Gozzy Rock 2012 is here

You know what I think about this dreadful competition, but it’s here upon us once again. Gozzy Rock 2012 state: “Calling on all original unsigned bands, come and be a part of history in the making! Gozzy Rock celebrates it’s 25th year in 2012 and it’s set to be a big one”. In reality, this … [Read the full story]

Add Big Audio Dynamite to ‘reformed bands’ list

When Big Audio Dynamite played recently in Manchester, England, it was more than a nostalgic trip down memory lane…it was a history in musical innovation. It’s a long way from Australia to Pommieland, but I just had to make this trip to see B.A.D. I hoped it would be worth it…and it was. Although the … [Read the full story]