You’d still ‘Scuttle’ Jane Fonda…even at 73

She may be 73, but Jane Fonda is looking…and feeling…as good as a woman a third of her age. A photograph of the actress and fitness guru in the new issue of Bazaar magazine shows her looking stunning in a slinky black dress complete with sheer panels with polka dot detail.  The actress tells the … [Read the full story]

The Orgasmatron is the original love-machine

James Bond tried one. So, too, did writers Jack (On The Road) Kerouac and J.D. (Catcher In The Rye) Salinger. The artist who created Shrek swore by his, and spent half an hour inside it at least once a day. They were all devotees of the original love machine, invented in the Fifties by psycho-analyst … [Read the full story]