We sure-‘Leigh Wood’ like to see more of Shirley

While Kate Middleton’s first boyfriend, Willem Marx, has bagged a girlfriend who is strikingly reminiscent of his Marlborough sweetheart, their stunning looks is where the similarity ends. For unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, whose most daring move was to walk a St Andrews university catwalk in a sheer black dress, the usually prim Shirley Leigh-Wood … [Read the full story]

ETA truce “insufficient” say Spanish government

Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said Monday that he considered the announcement of a truce by Basque separatist movement ETA to be “insufficient.” Speaking on the Spanish state television station RTVE, Rubalcaba questioned the motives behind the declaration that ETA made on Sunday and added that merely declaring a truce without saying whether it … [Read the full story]