Does Mrs Beckham look like the average woman?

Victoria Beckham lives on a diet of steamed fish and raw vegetables, and can  easily slip into a size six dress — but she has bizarrely claimed her  super-slim figure matches that of the AVERAGE woman. The former Spice Girl believes she represents the general public. Years of dieting have made Victoria one of the leanest … [Read the full story]

Mary Quant is back in Chelsea…for a visit

Mary Quant is back in Chelsea, the place she put on the map half a century ago. Back then, England was swinging like a pendulum…it was all Twiggy and The Beatles; the dawn of a bright new mad, mod world. And Mary Quant was right at the beating heart of it all. From her King’s … [Read the full story]

Georgia Jagger is revived in photo shoot

She’s made a name for herself as one of the country’s most sought after fashion models thanks to her unique looks and ultra confident persona. And as new shots of Georgia May Jagger in the upcoming issue of Bazaar magazine are released, the model’s mother Jerry Hall has come forward to credit the stunning blonde … [Read the full story]