Oscars…the end?

Years ago, after a barbie, we would sit around with a drink or two and discuss what film we would chose as the best film we had ever seen. There were tremendous films with wonderful stars the choices were endless. I recently watched the SAG awards. What a let down the films selected would not … [Read the full story]

DVD Derek reviews dinner party games?

Recently at a dinner party with friends I was asked what I thought was the best film I had ever seen. This reminded me of the comedy with Simon Pegg when he asked the guests at a party, what was the best film ever made and then gave his opinion. You’ve probably seen the film … [Read the full story]

Pistol-whipped by 6 feet 9 inches Big O

Former NBA player Oliver Miller, known as The Big O, is facing charges for allegedly pistol-whipping a guest at a Maryland BBQ. Miller, 41, was charged with first and second degree assault for his alleged involvement in the altercation that took place Sunday in Arnold, 56kms east of Washington, D.C. The former Phoenix Suns and … [Read the full story]