Snoop Dogg WON’T be having sprouts at Xmas

Snoop Dogg has been going in for a few changes recently. He’s launched new reggae alter-ego Snoop Lion, having travelled to Jamaica and recorded with Major Lazer producer Diplo. The full album is due out next year and a documentary following Snoop’s journey, called Reincarnated, will also be released. The keen soccer fan has also … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU

Don’t you hate it when the news is about a tragedy and the press use it to bash Australia? The UK press this week have been full of diatribe about a hoax call that ended with a death. I don’t want to comment on a subject that brings only sadness to the nurse’s family and … [Read the full story]

St Peter is standing by the Pearly Gates…

St Peter is standing by the Pearly Gates when up walks Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. St Peter put one hand up and says, “Stop. I need proof of identity before you can go in.” “Fair enough,” says Mozart. “I’m Wolfgang and this is one of my tunes.” And he whistles a few bars of ‘Eine Kleine … [Read the full story]

Does Mrs Beckham look like the average woman?

Victoria Beckham lives on a diet of steamed fish and raw vegetables, and can  easily slip into a size six dress — but she has bizarrely claimed her  super-slim figure matches that of the AVERAGE woman. The former Spice Girl believes she represents the general public. Years of dieting have made Victoria one of the leanest … [Read the full story]

Posh is the funny one

Victoria Beckham reckons she knows why their marriage is a success. Apparently, it’s David’s job to look good, while she is the funny one. This is from a woman who is never seen smiling. The Beckhams marriage works because Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham needs it to work. The Beckham Brand needs to be intact so it … [Read the full story]