FBI claimed Robin Gibb hired a hitman

Late Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb was investigated by the FBI for claiming to have hired a hitman to kill his ex-wife, according to reports. Robin Gibb, who died after a lengthy battle with cancer in May of this year, was under investigation from US authorities after making death threats against his former spouse Molly … [Read the full story]

Brave Robin Gibb is still battling

THE wife of brave Bee Gees pop legend Robin Gibb has spoken for the first time about his incredible battle to survive — after appearing to be at death’s door. In an exclusive interview, Dwina said that 62-year-old Robin simply refused to give up after he amazed medics by emerging from a nine-day coma. She said: … [Read the full story]

Vinnie Jones ad is already saving lives

Vinnie Jones has helped save the lives of 15 heart attack victims with  his comical Stayin’ Alive ad, it emerged yesterday. The British Heart Foundation said viewers had “put the advice into action” after seeing Vinnie, 47, push down on a man’s chest in time to the Bee Gees  hit. It spoke out as watchdogs … [Read the full story]

Robin Gibb is at death’s door

Pop legend Robin Gibb was in a coma last night, amid fears he has only days to live. The 62-year-old star’s family were keeping a bedside vigil. Robin has been battling colon and liver cancer and now has pneumonia. Family and fans of the Bee Gees singer were last night praying for his survival. The singer, whose … [Read the full story]

Robin Gibb beats cancer…and now performs

Robin Gibb is to return to the stage after fighting cancer for the premiere of his first classical work. He will hear an orchestra play Titanic Requiem on April 10, 100 years to the day since the ship’s doomed voyage began. The Bee Gees star will also perform a new song. He said of the … [Read the full story]

Robin Gibbs talks about his recovery from cancer

Robin Gibb has opened up about his ‘spectacular’ recovery from cancer, insisting he feels ‘fantastic’. There had been reports that the 62-year-old Bee Gees singer, who has been behind dozens of chart hits, had been close to death after being diagnosed with colon cancer. He said he feels better than he has for a decade. ‘I … [Read the full story]

Robin Gibb in hospital with liver cancer

Robin Gibb, aged 61, was told the sad news that he has liver cancer several months ago, and has since cancelled several public appearances. He was rushed to hospital this week following a call for the emergency services from his home. He spent five hours in hospital on Tuesday before being allowed back home, where … [Read the full story]