Beetle sex and pissing win Ig Nobel prizes

The world’s maddest scientific studies have again been recognised at the Ig Nobels, with research into beetle sex and urination taking top awards. A spoof of the prestigious Nobel Prize awards, the ethos of the Ig Nobels is ‘to make people laugh, then make them think’. Over 1,200 guests at Harvard University saw genuine Nobel … [Read the full story]

The new member of the beetles is called Haliplus Watsoni

A new beetle found in Mozambique by naturalist Will Watson, has been named Haliplus Watsoni. Will Watson, from Docklow, discovered the water beetle on a trip to northern Mozambique. It took a year and a half for international experts to agree it was a new type, and to give it the name Haliplus Watsoni. Will … [Read the full story]