Is it Presidential Elect, Dallas or Neighbours

Reading the latest news about the Presidential Election reminds me of an episode of Dallas or even an episode of Neighbours. Only in  America can they elect a Trump and then spend hundreds of pages of news and TV coverage attacking the man they voted into office. It makes you proud to see democracy at work. … [Read the full story]

The Chinese have a history of testing positive

Questions over the performance of Ye Shiwen come after a string of Chinese swimmers tested positive for doping in recent years. China won 12 of the 16 women’s titles at the 1994 world championships in Rome but these achievements were sullied less than a month later when seven Chinese swimmers tested positive for banned drugs … [Read the full story]

Bolt gets unscrewed by The Beast

The ‘fastest man in the world’, Usain Bolt, wasn’t the fastest man in Jamaica at the country’s Olympic trials. That honour went to Yohan Blake, who jumped out of the blocks fast and finished the 100m final in 9.75 seconds to upset world-record holder Usain Bolt by 0.11 seconds in the Jamaican Olympic trials. The … [Read the full story]

Sod the Olympics-we wanna see Leryn Franco naked

JAV a gander at this spear-hurling beauty…certain to throw up a few surprises at the London Olympics. Pretty Paraguayan javelin thrower Leryn Franco took time out from preparations for the Games to smoulder in a skimpy white bikini. The 29-year-old was national champion as a youth…and also came runner-up in the 2006 Miss Paraguay contest. … [Read the full story]

London weather could affect Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt can lower his 100m world record below 9.5 seconds, his coach has said, but London’s weather could foil his efforts. Glen Mills, who has coached Bolt since 2004, said that the reigning Olympic champion could reach 9.49 or lower and shatter his current world record of 9.58. “I don’t think it is impossible,” … [Read the full story]

Beijing switches allegiance

As rumours abound that the government’s authority has been challenged, Beijing is striving to maintain its grip on Hong Kong. Just days before the southern financial hub’s elite chooses the region’s next leader, there are signs that Beijing wants to dump its first choice for the winner as it tries to keep pace with public … [Read the full story]

The Great Firewall of China

For the people of China, the advent of the internet could have meant a new age of free expression, allowing them access to previously restricted and often sensitive information. Unsurprisingly, then, Beijing has been quick to tighten its grip on the web, stopping potentially subversive material from crossing its borders. Last year saw the birth … [Read the full story]

China blocks all internet reports

Nervous leaders in China have blocked all internet reports of an alleged attempted coup.  Online reports of tanks on the streets of the capital Beijing and shots fired within the secure leaders’ compound – which is located next door the top tourist attraction, the Forbidden City – are being closely monitored by the international intelligence … [Read the full story]

Ai Weiwei’s tax bill donations come flying in

Thousands of people have donated money to pay a massive tax bill served on Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. To date, donations totalling more than 5m yuan (US $790,000, £490,000) to pay off the $2.4m in taxes and fines the authorities say he owes. People have handed over money using bank transfers and postal orders – … [Read the full story]