Stig was bullied and threatened

Ben, 35, spent seven years as the crash-helmeted Top Gear driver – an icon for legions of fans who were never told his real identity. He finally decided to write a book about his experiences on the BBC’s hit motoring show, fearing he was about to be dumped because too many people had discovered his … [Read the full story]

Top Gear to kill off SAS hero

TOP Gear are going to kill off The Stig, and it’s going to be viciously done. James May has stated that the white helmet, gloves and overalls will be taken back. Ben Collins, 35, who was unveiled earlier this week as The Stig has also been keeping another secret. Collins is said to have served … [Read the full story]

We know who The Stig is

That’s right, yes we do. The Stig is a former racer and stunt man from Bristol called Ben Collins. Ben Collins really didn’t play his hand very well when he asked an art gallery to help him produce a print of the Stig in action. The internet has been inundated with “Bounty Hunters” identifying Mr … [Read the full story]

Has The Stig been unmasked?

The true identity of The Stig has been a closely-guarded secret for the last seven years – so much so that the BBC is currently taking legal action to prevent the Top Gear star publishing his autobiography. But the Corporation’s defensive bid to silence The Stig appears to have intensified attempts to unmask him once … [Read the full story]