Spineless Betty is rescued…for a lonely mate-less life

A rescued baby hedgehog will never be able to attract a mate because of a mystery skin condition which has left her completely bald and without spines. Betty was abandoned by her family before she was found by a member of the public and handed in to staff at an animal rescue centre. Animal experts … [Read the full story]

January is X-cited about her new film

January has always been a stunning way to start the year. Mad men star January Jones looked sizzling in a recent photo shoot as she prepares to crack Hollywood in an X-citing new role. The blonde beauty, who plays housewife Betty in the hit US series, will soon make the jump to the big screen … [Read the full story]

Betty, not so ugly

I’ve got a bit of a stirring going on when I watch Ugly Betty. Is it me? am I some kind of sicko? No of course it’s not me, of course I’m not a sicko (well, not at least before 10pm on a Friday night). Ugly Betty star America Ferrera is looking hot this series. … [Read the full story]