Who’ll be Ozzie News ‘She’s hot 2012’ – vote now

Hello and welcome to the first, and hopefully many, She’s hot 2012. This is where you all get the chance to vote for who you think was, and is, the hottest babe on Ozzie News for 2012. The criteria is anything you want it to be. You may like the artistic pose, the quality of … [Read the full story]

She’s STILL hot

Krystal Forscutt came onto Ozzienews, and we’re so useless, we didn’t even know who she was…but we do now. Every (and I mean every) photgraph of her that we’ve seen is absolutely stunning. Krystal has modelled for men’s magazines, but came to be a household name when she appeared as a contestant on Big Brother in … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Would you look at the tits on this! I’m real sorry to be crude…it’s not my usual fervor to write this way, but they’re looking mighty fine…aren’t they. This photo was sent in anonymously (as is the way with this section), so we don’t know who she is…and we’re not going to look either. But … [Read the full story]

She’s hot

Well, we’ve got a couple of new photos that have been sent to us. This wasn’t sent with a name but it is, of course, the lovely Tara Reid…it’s a very nice photo but, you don’t have to send us photos of Tara Reid…we already know who she is. Tara is an American actress and has … [Read the full story]

Even a ‘gagging order’ couldn’t hide Ryan Giggs affair with Big Brother star

Britain’s scandal-hungry news media, an outspoken parliamentarian and thousands of ordinary people using the Twitter micro-blogging site have dealt a body blow to an institution of British justice, flouting a gag order imposed by one of the country’s top judges. Manchester United star Ryan Giggs had been granted an injunction preventing media from publishing allegations … [Read the full story]

German Big Brother star dies after breast enlargement operation

A German porn star has died following complications during her sixth breast enlargement. Cora, real name Carolin Berger, had been in a coma for nine days following the operation when she died yesterday. The 23-year-old had gone under the knife to boost her bust from a 34F to a 34G. The clinic in Germany where … [Read the full story]