We love wiping our arses…so be an eco-warrior and bring back the Wank-Sock

A person uses approximately 57 sheets of toilet paper each day. That’s right…we love wiping our arses and/or shitting. Or maybe our arses are getting larger. With all of the shit food readily available, and the uneducated fucks that want to feed a new generation Big Macs three times a week. And then there’s the … [Read the full story]

Twenty-four hour pancakes…almost worse than ‘Chicken in a Can’

An American chain of diners…Denny’s…offers its customers a great deal on pancakes. ‘All you can eat’ for $4. You can see how they came up with it. Pancakes are cheap to make and they get a little boring after a while. The only flaw in the plan? Denny’s never closes. Step forward Rio Hardesty and … [Read the full story]