The BIG autopsy report is finally revealed

The autopsy report of rapper Notorious BIG has been revealed, 15 years after he was shot and killed. The rapper, real name Christopher Wallace, was murdered in a drive by shooting in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997. The 24 year old rapper was shot four times whilst sat in the passenger seat of a … [Read the full story]

Don’t despair if you have big tits

Alexis Smith used to despair when she shopped for lingerie, but could never find sexy styles to fit her slim black and big breasts, finding bras to support bigger cup sizes were often unfeminine and frumpy. So she took matters into her own hands and launched her own lingerie brand. The company, founded in her … [Read the full story]

The truth about “Breast Oggling”

Just 18 years old and fresh from a Church of England girls’ school, I couldn’t wait to read history at Oxford University. I’d imagined a life of intellectual small talk, long, swotty afternoons in the Bodleian Library and earnest discussions about politics and current affairs. Instead, over the course of the first term, an undeniable … [Read the full story]

Big croc lurks in Queenslands river – but Bufords seen bigger

A PASTOR says he has evidence that an eight-metre croc lurks in a river in Queensland. Pastor Elton Thompson said he took pictures of slide marks from the crocodile last Wednesday on the Norman River at Normanton. “I haven’t actually seen the crocodile but it was the slide marks that was left behind,” Pastor Thompson … [Read the full story]

Woman with big tits unfairly dismissed

A female executive has claimed that she was sacked from her job because her breasts were too big. Amy-Erin Blakely has launched a lawsuit against her former employers claiming sexual discrimination over the size of her chest. The 43-year-old said she was told her ‘big breasts’ were too distracting for other employees. She said that … [Read the full story]